Opendesign: Open furniture

The launch of the Tabakalera project and its subsequent opening in 2016 offered a unique opportunity to think about the building space and the elements that would define it in a shared and collective way between the artists, citizens and workers of the centre, in tune with the principles and production possibilities that the Hirikilabs laboratory, with its facilities equipped for digital manufacturing, would offer.

In the summer of 2013, before inhabiting the renovated Tabakalera building, Hirikilabs carried out a collaborative design process in order to equip its temporary space. This process gave rise to a part of the furniture that has configured the laboratory since then and that began the line of work based on open design.

In the same way, during 2014 Tabakalera began a design process for its future spaces with two groups of architects who devised different elements to equip the building, also adopting modularity and in-house reproducibility as basic principles.

Since then, an annual meeting and open design programme have been organised with the aim of collectively constructing different items to equip both the laboratory and other spaces in the centre. The process involves a series of meetings of the open design group that take place during a limited space of time, with work sessions that allow participants to take part in a process of experimentation and learning about different digital fabrication and design tools.

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