Food Hack Lab

This group investigates, develops and disseminates technology in all areas associated with food. After its creation in 2015 at Hirikilabs laboratory, the group continues working in FoodTech, OpenSource and Maker fields.

With the Food Hack Lab open group the idea is to develop projects that provide solutions to problems in gastronomic, culinary or agricultural environments based on free tools.

There are many questions and concerns that have motivated our thinking about this group and these in some way define us:

Food_Food How do we eat? How do we produce food? How will we produce it in the future? How do we prepare this food? What techniques do we use? What devices do we use? Is it accessible? Is the current system correct?

Hack_Things Because we will question how things work and are made, both now and in the future. We will try to turn what has been established on its head in order to modify it as we wish. Liberating and sharing design and technology, to make it accessible to everyone. Because open innovation and resource decentralisation is here and it’s here to stay.

Lab_Community An open community laboratory with the aim of concentrating resources and knowledge in order to encourage research and development. Everyone is welcome.

And we will do all this with the maker philosophy that characterises us. Because this is about doing. Do, share, learn, play, create tools, participate, support and above all change the way things are done.

We propose an approach more linked to digital manufacturing technologies and new crafts, which allow personalisation, hackability and specific solutions.

Group's project